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“You shouldn’t be here, little rabbit,” he purrs.

His obnoxious nickname for me breaks my trance. “I am. Not. A rabbit.” With murder in my eyes, I poke him in his hard chest with each word. 

His hand envelops mine, stopping my physical assault, but not my verbal one.

“I’m not some defenseless animal that needs taking care of! Stop acting like you need to save me. I never asked for your help. In fact, I explicitly told you not to help me. So, stop it, and stop treating me like I’m some distressed, helpless pet!”

“You do not know the nightmarish creatures that live in this land.”

“Oh, yeah? Like you?” I throw the truth he admitted in the second trial in his face. I expect him to flinch, but instead he yanks my hand.

I tumble forward, using my other hand to brace myself against his muscular chest. My shocked expression meets his stern one. 

“Yes, exactly like me,” he sneers. He leans forward to whisper in my ear. “I am a púca, a fae made of your worst fears.” As he speaks, he transforms.

A fantastic book and its really so well written. The pace, flow, rises, dips and ebbs in all the right places. The sense of adventure is just perfect. I feel I have been transported and on a journey.

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