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Beyond The Mist Releases September 15, 2021!

If you pre-order Beyond The Mist by September 14, 2021 and submit proof of purchase, you will receive the following:

~One (1) exclusive Celtic Tree of Life sticker 

~One (1) unique book plate autographed by Kristen Braddock

~One (1) limited edition bookmark with cover art and quote

~One (1) entry into an additional sweepstakes to win a paperback copy of Whisper of Darkness Banshee's Curse Book 1. If the winner resides in the U.S., the book will additionally be personalized and autographed.

Need help finding where to purchase the book? 

Redemption Instructions

Simply pre-order Beyond The Mist by September 14, 2021 and then click link below to upload your proof of purchase.

What are readers saying about the Banhee's Curse Series?

A fantastic book and its really so well written. The pace, flow, rises, dips and ebbs in all the right places. The sense of adventure is just perfect. I feel I have been transported and on a journey.

Reader Review

The world building is sublime... it is both similar and disparate to our world, making it familiar, yet fascinating. The characters are so real, multidimensional and complex. The book is well paced, and beyond a point I read through it as fast as I could because it had become so interesting. 

Reader Review

This is the perfect book if you’re looking for a fast-paced story with wit and depth. The story is exciting and new and the characters are all well-developed. 

Reader Review

I love a relatable human MC caught up in fae shenanigans and blowing through deals like scratch card gambling except with awful consequences. Pair that with secrecy, layers of magic, weird creatures and two hawt and brooding guys and you've got me hook, line and sinker. With charming internal monologs, and failing a few times fantastically, this book makes the MC work for it. 

Reader Review

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